Acne Dysmorphia - A Consequence of Acne

Acne Dysmorphia - A Consequence of Acne:

I don’t know how many of you know about, or suffer from acne dysmorphia. However this is a condition that many people suffering from acne suffer from because of the consequences of acne. Basically, acne dysmorphia is a condition where the sufferer suffers from an obsessive fear of having irregular and disgusting skin because of their acne attacks.

It is usually when the patient suffers a lot from acne that they develop this obsession. However at times, even when they may suffer from a mild attack of acne or if the acne is non-apparent, they think that they have horrible skin and a terrible bout of acne. As a mirror is usually within their reach, they keep on looking at the mirror and keep on relentlessly looking for flaws and imperfections in their skin.

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It is actually better to seek psychiatric help in such conditions. However instead of doing so, they look for other avenues of recourse which may be harmful or self-inflicted.

Some of them keep picking at their acne till the skin is torn away and starts bleeding. As this may lead to the ruining of the person’s life, and not provide for any normal social interaction, this condition should not be taken lightly.

As patients suffering from acne dysmorphia are usually shy to discuss their obsessive thoughts and behaviors with the physician, the physician should ask questions if acne dysmorphia is suspected. If left untreated, the patient may inflict harm on themselves.

It is quite normal for a patient with acne dysmorphia to be depressed. This is why a psychiatrist should be approached for possible treatments from the condition. Usual treatments include serotonin reuptake inhibitors and cognitive behavioral therapy.

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