Acne Different Types

Acne Different Types:

All types of acne start with the same lesion, the comedo. It is when it takes different forms and reacts differently in different people that problems start arising with the acne attack. The comedo is basically an enlarged hair follicle with oil and bacteria. It is always lurking under the surface of your skin, waiting for the right opportunity to inflame with the excess oil of the skin.

The non-inflammatory acne is the closed comedo or whitehead that appears as small, whitish bumps on the skin. Once this plug enlarges and pushes through the skin, it becomes an open comedo or blackhead. The plug looks dark because of a buildup of melanin.

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In case of inflammatory forms of acne, the mildest form is the papule that appears as a small and firm pink bump. They are tender to the touch and are an intermediary between non-inflammatory and inflammatory lesions.

Pustules are small and round lesions which are inflamed and contain pus. They look red at the base and have a yellowish or whitish center. There is not much bacteria in the pustules. It is the chemical irritation with sebum components that cause inflammation in it.

Nodules or cysts are large and painful. They are inflamed and pus filled where you find lesions in the skin. It is when the contents of the comedo spill into the surrounding skin that a nodule is formed.

This is when the immune system of the body responds by producing pus. These lesions may last for weeks and months, and leave scars with their contents hardening to a deep cyst.

The rarest form of inflammatory acne is acne conglobata which develops on the back, chest or buttocks. With pustules and nodules, there usually is a severe bacterial infection.

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