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In a culture of quick fixes, Acne Cured Ebook makes no fast claims. Instead, this e-book promises to clear up acne not through skin care systems, but rather internally through supplements and dietary changes. The words “dietary changes” tend to make people cringe, but the promise is clear skin without a lot of cost.

The best part of the Acne Cured Ebook is the one time purchase of the program. For $79.95, you are given everything you need to know to gain clear skin, from the basic vitamin supplement that you can find in every health food store to the one food additive that absolutely must be removed from your diet.

To make this deal even better, you have a risk-free thirty-day guarantee. If you don’t see significant and positive changes in your skin within thirty days, they will refund your money back, no hassles what so ever.

Despite the use of all natural products and a one-time fee, Acne Cured ’s web site does not offer much in the way of research. There are plenty of testimonials, but very little in the way of hard facts. The website seems to be designed to pull in customers through emotion rather than scientific research. After all, the emotional ramifications of severe acne are very strong and can scar deeply.

So, while the idea of an e-book that touts diet and lifestyle changes is a great one, the lack of scientific data makes this program one that is not at the top of the list. Promises of clear skin are wonderful, but research is what makes a program truly effective. At least there is the thirty-day money back guarantee but I would stay clear of this expensive acne book.

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