Acne Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Are Highly Successful

Acne acupuncture can be very effective. I have experienced this treatment myself and it worked very quickly and as a long lasting cure.

What is a typical examination for acne acupuncture?The Chinese medical practitioner will ask you various systemic questions trying to get an in-depth perspective on the kind of acne condition you have and the mode of its expression. They will then look very closely at your tongue as it is the window into your body’s internal chemistry. Also they will closely study your pulse as they not only count your pulse like Western Medicine, but they also feel for your pulses power, consistancy, and various other subtle cues which provide internal information.

Will acne acupuncture hurt?Acupuncture does not hurt any more then a slight pinch. The way the practitioners insert the needle is by fooling the skin into thinking there is only pressure on the skin instead of the extremely small needle. Acupuncture needles are very different then injection needles as they are not beveled (which tears tissue) but are instead designed to push tissue aside eliminating any concern of infection.

Will they give me an herbal treatment?Yes. Chinese Medical Doctors have an immense range of herbs at their finger tips. A top rating acne treatment is AcnEase which is a series of capsules based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Chinese Medical Doctor will likely provide you with a mixture of 6 to 9 different types of herbs which are to be boiled for about 20 minutes and then drained. The liquid is to be drunk like tea. It can be quite foul, but it is probably the most beneficial part of the treatment for acne. The prescription for acne usually includes bitter herbs which are designed to eliminate the condition of damp heat . You can imagine bitter herbs aren’t especially tasty. You should re-boil this concoction up to two additional times to get as much out of the herbs as possible. The herbs for acne should not cost more then $20. Some practitioners create capsule pills out of the herbs instead of asking you to drink the unpalatable concoction.

How long does the acne acupuncture treatment take?You should feel the acne cooling benefits immediately, but it takes about four weeks to re-adjust your body to being within the non-acne producing norms.

What is the cost of acne treatment?The cost of treatment should be between $60-80 for the visit and $15-30 for a variety of acne herbs. If they try to charge you up to $300 for a initial visit, run as their just out for your money. A true practitioner will always maintain reasonable prices.

If you are interested in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (which was very effective in clearing my acne) I suggest reading our AcnEase Review as AcnEase is based on the herbal formulas of Traditional Chinese Medicines and comes with a money-back guarantee.

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